Most Watched 310 Pilot

Aviation Explanations and Night Landing

Fri, 31st Jul 20

Flying Sister back to Georgia ~ Turbulence

Fri, 24th Jul 20

He's Back...Quick Flight with my Youngin!

Tue, 21st Jul 20

My Sister is TERRIFIED of Flying!!

Fri, 17th Jul 20

Pick up Sister Flight & Twin Cessna Fuel Explained

Fri, 10th Jul 20

How to Upgrade Your Landing Lights...DIY

Fri, 26th Jun 20

Bird STRIKE on Takeoff!!

Fri, 19th Jun 20

Jaime's First Flight in the PRETTY Plane!!

Fri, 12th Jun 20

AERIAL Photo Shoot Over Chicago and O'Hare!

Fri, 5th Jun 20

Jaime thinks She's SEXY!!

Fri, 29th May 20

LOVE at First Sight - Picking Her Up!

Fri, 22nd May 20


Fri, 15th May 20

Stalled in FIRST Flight Lesson!!

Fri, 1st May 20

World's NEWEST TailWheel Pilot!?

Fri, 24th Apr 20

Test Flight ~ Cessna 340

Fri, 17th Apr 20

Called it...then FAILED!

Fri, 10th Apr 20

The Landing Gear is BACKWARDS

Fri, 3rd Apr 20

~Cessna 340 VS Cessna 310~

Fri, 28th Feb 20

EMERGENCY Training...Can Jaime LAND???

Fri, 21st Feb 20

310 Pilot Goes Farming

Fri, 14th Feb 20
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