Most Watched Ivan Misner

My Favorite Places in the World

Sun, 2nd Aug 20

Moments of Giving with BNI Zenith

Wed, 15th Jul 20

Online Networking Meetings Tips

Sat, 16th May 20

Handshakes in a Post Covid World

Thu, 7th May 20

Hope is More Powerful Than Fear

Thu, 16th Apr 20

Message to BNI Members

Wed, 8th Apr 20

Networking in These Difficult Times

Tue, 24th Mar 20

Jordan Adler shares “Why BNI”

Mon, 24th Feb 20

Raymond Aaron shares how to write a book

Tue, 18th Feb 20

Roxanne Emmerich's "The Profit Growth Banking Blueprint"

Sat, 15th Feb 20

Richard Branson's "Circles of support"

Wed, 12th Feb 20

LuAnn Buechler's "iHug"

Thu, 6th Feb 20

Garage to Global® - Another Four Lessons

Fri, 17th Jan 20

Garage to Global® - The Next Four Lessons

Fri, 17th Jan 20

One Million Thank You's

Thu, 16th Jan 20

BNI's 35th Anniversary Video

Sat, 4th Jan 20

International Networking Week 2020

Thu, 26th Dec 19

Creating a Clear 2020 Vision

Mon, 23rd Dec 19

Dr Ivan Misner interview BNI Brazil July 2019

Tue, 15th Oct 19

Steve Farber shares "Love is Just Damn Good Business"

Mon, 9th Sep 19
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