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i made diy panda express orange chicken

Thu, 20th Aug 20

i made elote and horchata

Thu, 6th Aug 20

i cooked pad thai in the desert at night (filmed w/ a7siii)

Tue, 28th Jul 20

making a diy snickers bar

Tue, 21st Jul 20

trying to make diy hot pockets

Mon, 13th Jul 20

trying pinterest mug recipes

Thu, 25th Jun 20

making poutine from scratch

Fri, 19th Jun 20

i turned my kitchen into a fast food restaurant

Tue, 26th May 20

i made cheeseburger sushi

Thu, 21st May 20

reorganizing my entire pantry

Fri, 15th May 20

baking pretzel bites

Fri, 1st May 20

trying to make diy pop-tarts

Fri, 24th Apr 20

making chicken teriyaki from my pantry

Fri, 17th Apr 20

i made the tiktok whipped coffee

Fri, 3rd Apr 20

getting a haircut from my girlfriend

Fri, 27th Mar 20

let's make bread together

Thu, 19th Mar 20

trying to make bangers & mash and a shamrock shake

Fri, 13th Mar 20

i tried making that awful hotdog waffle

Tue, 10th Mar 20

i made fish n chips using celery root

Fri, 28th Feb 20

making crème brûlée is really easy

Fri, 21st Feb 20
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