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Charged Up: Pups vs. a Teleporting Copy Cat

Sat, 25th Apr 20

Rusty's Franken Monster Truck/Rusty's Adventures in Blobbositting

Sat, 25th Apr 20

Rusty's Hide-And-Ghost-Seek/Halloween Hero

Fri, 24th Apr 20

Rusty's Stegobot

Thu, 23rd Apr 20

Ozzy Gets Trapped/Rusty's Island Mystery

Tue, 21st Apr 20

Mo and Bo on a Roll/Dance Dance Grumbles

Mon, 20th Apr 20

Liam's Large Adventure/Rusty's Hike Hijinks

Sat, 18th Apr 20

Mighty Pups Charged Up: Pups vs. Three Super Baddies

Sat, 18th Apr 20

Rusty's Meteor Madness/Rusty's Dino for a Day

Fri, 17th Apr 20

Liam's Caterpillar Calamity/Rusty's Birthday Round-Up

Thu, 16th Apr 20

Rusty's Treasure Island/Rusty's Raptor-Sitting

Wed, 15th Apr 20

Detective Rusty/Rusty's Chilling Rescue

Tue, 14th Apr 20

Teeny Terry is... TeenyMan!/Mo and Bo and the Missing Button Trail

Mon, 13th Apr 20

Charged Up: Pups vs. a Super Meow Meow

Sat, 11th Apr 20

Charged Up: Pups vs. the Teenybots

Sat, 11th Apr 20

Sea Monster Max/Max's Bunny Scout Badge

Fri, 10th Apr 20

The Twin's Puppet Show/Max and Ruby's Switch

Thu, 9th Apr 20

Max's Crew/Super Helpful Max

Wed, 8th Apr 20

Max and Ruby and the New Baby

Tue, 7th Apr 20

Game Time with Mo and Bo/Grumbles Goes Down the Drain

Mon, 6th Apr 20
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