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Let's Stay Together - Al Green Acoustic Guitar Cover - Katie and Sean

Fri, 1st May 20

Back When the Band Was Together....

Thu, 30th Apr 20

Chord Substitutions You NEED to Know!

Wed, 29th Apr 20

What I've Been Getting WILD With!

Tue, 28th Apr 20

How to Make Open Guitar Chords Interesting

Mon, 27th Apr 20

Elliott Smith as LoFi Bedroom Pop

Sun, 26th Apr 20

Chord Changing: Easy - Speedy - EFFICIENT!

Sat, 25th Apr 20

The Song that Taught Keith Richards Guitar (and how to play it)

Thu, 23rd Apr 20

Find the PERFECT Chord!!!

Wed, 22nd Apr 20

How to Play Cool Guitar Stuff

Mon, 20th Apr 20

This Is Some Funny Crap

Wed, 15th Apr 20

If Barre Chords are an Issue...

Tue, 14th Apr 20

Finding Direction in Your Guitar Playing

Mon, 13th Apr 20

Easy Finger Picking that Sounds Great!!!

Sat, 11th Apr 20

The Internet's GREATEST Pitchmen!

Fri, 10th Apr 20

How to Groove a Bass Line

Thu, 9th Apr 20

MAJOR or MINOR Pentatonic?!?!?!

Wed, 8th Apr 20

Musical Social Distancing - Covid Can't Keep the Squad Down

Tue, 7th Apr 20

The SECRET is in the SHAPES!

Mon, 6th Apr 20

Basking in the Irony of Rock

Sat, 4th Apr 20
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